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Types of jaggery, and which one is better for health?

01/6Which jaggery is considered the best?

Come October, we all feel the onset of winter season, where we feel chilly winds in the early morning and evening. As the weather goes through change, it tends to affect our immunity, and we start consuming foods that are warm in nature, and keeps us warm. We make changes in our diet, and start consuming jaggery, which not only helps in protecting us from cold but improves our immunity as well. Since ancient times, jaggery has been a part of people’s diet due to its miraculous properties. Eating it provides many health benefits and it is also an excellent alternative to sugar. However, many people still do not understand what exactly jaggery is and why it is considered a healthy alternative to sugar. If you are also unaware of this, then today we will tell you about jaggery and its different types. (Images courtesy: Canva)

02/6What is jaggery?

Not many know, but jaggery is the unrefined brown sugar obtained from various plant sources. Jaggery is commonly and popularly consumed in many Asian countries. Not only this, it is known by different names in different places. You will be surprised to know that about 55 per cent of the world’s jaggery is produced in India. Rich in several nutrients, it not only increases immunity but also helps in keeping you healthy in winter. Here are some of the jaggery varieties that no one told you about.

03/6Date jaggery

Khajur ka gud, also known as Date Palm Jaggery in English, tastes just like chocolate. Dark in colour, this jaggery is known to be rich in many nutrients, and is popular for its medicinal properties. It is prepared by extracting the juice of dates, cooking them and churning them by hand. It is mainly found in Kolkata, West Bengal.

04/6Coconut jaggery

As the name suggests, this jaggery is made from coconut. This jaggery, prepared from unfermented coconut juice, is rich in magnesium and iron. It is commonly known as ‘Madda or Suri Jaggery’. Also, due to being in the shape of a pyramid, it is also called ‘Pyramid Jaggery’. It is mainly used in Goan cuisine.

05/6Sugarcane jaggery

This is the most common type of jaggery, which is prepared from sugarcane juice. It is light brown in color and is generally prepared by boiling, churning and then soaking in water and then filtering. Mainly this jaggery is used in dishes like Chikki, Kheer, Rice, Dosa, Poha etc.

06/6Which jaggery is better?

Be it coconut or date jaggery, vitamins and minerals are found in abundance in all of them. However, when it comes to the three types of jaggery, palm jaggery is considered to be the healthiest as it has a low glycemic index (GI). Besides, it is also rich in many nutrients, due to which it not only protects against seasonal flu but also increases immunity. However, keep in mind that to get the benefits of jaggery, it is very important to eat it in limited quantities.

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