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Insights from Atul Chaturvedi, Shree Renuka Sugars, on India’s Sugar Sector

Potential Increase in Ethanol Production: A Perspective from Industry Expert Atul Chaturvedi

In a recent interview with Economic Times, Atul Chaturvedi from Shree Renuka Sugars shared valuable insights into the dynamics shaping India’s sugar industry.

Potential Increase in Ethanol Production

Chaturvedi addressed reports suggesting a potential allocation of an additional 800,000 tonnes of sugar for ethanol production. While no official notification has been received yet, discussions indicate a shift that aligns with the end of the crushing season. With remaining B heavy molasses that cannot be converted back into sugar, this move could marginally push total sugar production in the country above 32 million tonnes.

Impact on Export Quotas and Retail Prices

Regarding export quotas, Chaturvedi expressed industry desires for increased exports, especially considering higher international sugar prices. However, immediate action is not expected until post-elections. He also noted that the potential sugar diversion for ethanol is unlikely to significantly impact domestic sugar prices. Seasonal consumption patterns may lead to minor price adjustments during summer but are not anticipated to be game-changing.

Global Sugar Crop Outlook

Chaturvedi provided insights into the global sugar crop cycle, highlighting steady production in key countries like Brazil and Thailand. Brazil’s production is expected to remain robust, and Thailand is also producing more sugar than anticipated. While India’s role as a potential exporter remains influential, the global sugar supply appears stable, with no imminent shortage.

Industry Perspective and Future Outlook

The industry anticipates positive growth, with improved sugarcane crushing contributing to higher full-year sugar production projections. Positive monsoon forecasts further bolster expectations for the next year. Chaturvedi emphasized that India remains a significant factor in global sugar dynamics, with potential actions post-elections crucial for managing surplus stocks effectively.

Overall, the insights shared by Atul Chaturvedi shed light on the complexities and opportunities within India’s sugar sector, emphasizing the importance of policy decisions and global market dynamics in shaping industry outcomes.

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