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NSI Kanpur Develops Low GI Sugar and Fortified Sugar

NSI's Breakthrough Low GI Sugar with Year-Long Shelf Life Paves Way for Healthier Diabetes Management and Sustainable Sugar Industry Practices in India

After years of research, the National Sugar Institute (NSI) in Kanpur has successfully developed a technique for producing Low Glycemic Index (Low GI) sugar and Low GI fortified sugar with a one-year shelf life under standard storage conditions.

The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how quickly a food raises blood sugar levels. Low GI foods are absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream, resulting in a smaller and more sustained rise in blood sugar levels. This is beneficial for people with diabetes, as it helps to manage their blood sugar levels.

The NSI team, led by senior research fellow Anushka Kanodia, began working on developing Low GI sugar four years ago. The team, which included research fellows Shruti Shukla and Svechha Singh, conducted extensive research to identify and optimize the natural ingredients and processes required to produce Low GI sugar.

Their efforts have resulted in the development of a Low GI sugar that has a GI value of 55 or less, making it a suitable alternative for people with diabetes and those who are health conscious. The Low GI fortified sugar is further enriched with essential nutrients, making it a healthier option.

India, the world’s largest sugar consumer and second-largest producer, has been named the Chair of the International Sugar Organisation (ISO) for 2024. Sanjeev Chopra, Secretary (Food), Government of India, has reaffirmed India’s commitment to sustainable practices in sugarcane cultivation, sugar and ethanol production.

India’s leadership in the global sugar industry is evident in its position as the third-largest ethanol producer in the world. As India assumes the chair of the ISO, it is poised to play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices and responsible growth in the global sugar sector.

The development of Low GI sugar by the NSI is a significant milestone in the field of sugar production. This innovative product has the potential to improve the health of millions of people worldwide.

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