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US Ethanol exports leveling off

U.S. ethanol exports have leveled off after a fast start to 2021.

Ron Lamberty with the American Coalition for Ethanol says low prices at the beginning of the year sparked a lot of buying.

“It’s not going to be like the record year we had (in) 2018.”

He tells Brownfield there are positive signs on the export front as countries like Canada and India turn to ethanol to reduce emissions.

“When you see those kinds of things it’s encouraging because we’re the biggest producer of ethanol, and probably going to be the lowest cost supplier until they get their own industries rolling.”

Ethanol exports the first five months of 2021 totaled more than 582 million gallons, compared to 634 million during the same period of 2020.

Brownfield intervieweLamberty during last week’s ACE Ethanol Conference in Minneapolis.

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