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Generating electricity from stubble: Bhogpur co-op sugar mill in Jalandhar shows the way

In a step aimed at discouraging stubble burning, Bhogpur Co-Operative Sugar Mill has started generating 10 MW of electricity per hour by using 400 MT paddy stubble daily.

For this purpose, the mill has been purchasing the stubble directly from farmers in the range of Rs 180 to Rs 250 per quintal. This has brought some relief as so far no case of stubble burning has been reported in Bhogpur and its adjoining areas as per the data of the Punjab Pollution Control Board.

400 MT crop residue used to generate 10 MW of electricity per hour; farmers paid Rs 180-Rs 250/quintal

The mill has been using 400 MT of paddy stubble per day in its boiler furnace of capacity 80 tonnage per hour (TPH) with an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) as per air pollution control device (APCD) and generating electricity 10 MW per hour.

Deputy Commissioner Vishesh Sarangal said a target had been fixed to purchase 40,000 MT of paddy stubble in the current season and 10,000 MT of cane trash. He said the mill would use the paddy stubble for seven months and cane trash for five months.

The DC said the district administration had planned to manage 2.36 lakh metric tonnes of paddy stubble through ex-situ management in the ongoing harvest season. He said Jalandhar district had around 60 balers which could make bales of three to five quintals. These bales would be directly sold to industries by the farmers or farm groups in the district.

The DC also urged other farmers to sell the stubble to the mill directly and earn extra income rather than spend money on burning the stubble.

PPCB Executive Engineer Sandeep Kumar said the sugar mill had an established power plant inside its premises and is using paddy residue for the generation of electricity which is being sold to the government. He said that the plant had been run by a Khanna-based private company. Kumar said the generation of electricity by using stubble here would not only eliminate the menace but also help to ensure a clean environment for the people.

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