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National Sugar Institute Director, Prof. Narendra Mohan Agarwal, Bids Farewell After Trailblazing Career

Pioneering Director Prof. Narendra Mohan Agarwal Bids Farewell to National Sugar Institute

KANPUR, UTTAR PRADESH (March 1st, 2024) – Prof. Narendra Mohan Agarwal, the esteemed Director of the National Sugar Institute (NSI) in Kanpur, concluded his remarkable 40 years career on February 29th, 2024, after serving as Director for 11 impactful years. Prof. Agarwal leaves behind a legacy of pioneering achievements, modernization, and a deep commitment to advancing India’s sugar industry.

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Following Prof. Agarwal’s retirement, Senior Professor of Sugar Technology, D. Swain, has been entrusted with the additional responsibility of the Director’s post.

After completing his postgraduate studies in Sugar Technology and obtaining the Fellowship of the National Sugar Institute, Prof. Agarwal dedicated his professional life to NSI. His illustrious career saw him championing innovation in the sugar sector as a teacher, researcher, and ultimately, the Director of the institute.

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Key Contributions and Achievements

  • Focus on Sustainability: Prof. Agarwal’s push toward sustainability transformed the Indian sugar industry. He played a key role in developing technologies to produce valuable bio-chemicals, bio-products, and bio-energy alongside traditional sugar production.
  • “Waste to Resource” Innovation: Driven by a passion for innovation, he developed cost-effective and environmentally friendly technologies, notably:
    • Production of Graphene Oxide, Dietary Fibre, Cosmetic Ingredients, Vanillin & Bio-surfactants from sugarcane bagasse.
    • Development of methods to produce Cellulase-Based Glucose (CBG) from filter cake and other agricultural waste.
    • Creation of specialty sugars
  • Small-Scale Initiatives: Prof. Agarwal’s visionary leadership led to the establishment of:
    • A small sugar mill on campus, enhancing practical learning for students.
    • A small brewery focused on alcohol technology, expanding NSI’s research capabilities.
  • Environmental Champion: Collaborating with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Prof. Agarwal created a landmark charter for the sugar industry along the holy river Ganga basin. This resulted in extensive water conservation and effluent treatment practices, reducing freshwater consumption and effluent generation.
  • Publications and Patents: Prof. Agarwal’s intellectual contributions include seven authored books and over 150 research papers in renowned journals. Multiple patents are attributed to his dedication to innovation.
  • International Impact: Prof. Agarwal is a member of prestigious international scientific societies and organizations, including the ISSCT, ICUMSA, IAPSIT, STAI, DSTA, SISSTA, and AFSTI. He extended NSI’s reach globally, offering services to numerous sugar-producing countries and consulted on the establishment of a Sugar Institute in Nigeria.May be an image of 6 people, dais and text

Legacy at NSI

Prof. Narendra Mohan Agarwal leaves an enduring legacy at the National Sugar Institute. His initiatives modernized the Indian sugar industry, and his research paved the way for sustainable practices.

As he transitions into retirement, the National Sugar Institute expresses profound gratitude for his transformative leadership and unwavering dedication. The industry looks forward to benefiting from his continued advisory role and guidance with his rich experience.

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