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Aksha Kamboj led KBJ group announces future ventures, set to expand with ethanol production

KBJ Group, based in Mumbai, India is a rapidly growing brand under the leadership of Aksha Kamboj. KBJ Group is a multi-industry business and deals in the bullion, hospitality, real estate, agriculture, and jewellery sectors.

The company’s Executive Director Aksha Kamboj is all set to expand its business in 2022. KBJ group is stepping foot in the chemical industry next year. They will begin their venture with ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) production. The business will be setting up a plant in Bihar for the same. “We are in talks with the Industry Minister of Bihar to proceed with the set-up of the plant,” Aksha Kamboj said referring to the progress of their venture. Her husband, Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya too is working on this expansion and regulating their set-up in Bihar.

Ethanol is a crucial ingredient in a vast majority of common-use things such as drugs, cosmetics, etc. Hence it has a huge market size and the ingredient is always in demand. Recognizing this need, KBJ Group decided to become an active player in the chemical industry and work towards fulfilling this demand. “We want to be a key part in helping India achieve its goals,” says Aksha Kamboj, referring to the Indian government’s goal to promote ethanol-blended vehicle fuel and increasing domestic ethanol production.

With expertise, the right resources, and proper planning, KBJ Group is all set to begin with ethyl alcohol production in 2022. Aksha Kamboj, her husband Mohit Kamboj aka Mohit Bharatiya, and the entire KBJ Group are thrilled about their new venture.

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