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Sugarcane Farming in Uttar Pradesh goes smarter, over 44 lakh farmers download e-sugarcane app

Lucknow: Committed to the welfare of the farmers, the Uttar Pradesh government is working tirelessly to connect sugarcane farmers with technology along with ensuring their timely payment. As a result of the sustained efforts of the Yogi Adityanath-led government in uplifting the farmers, not only their income has increased but also the productivity of sugarcane has doubled.

In the training session 2020-21, as many as 66,963 farmers have been trained to apply modern techniques and advanced technology in sugarcane production by the Sugarcane Farmers’ Institute. Through the training, record sugarcane production of 81.5 tonnes has been achieved in UP.

In the last four years, the state government has worked to transform the sugarcane farming in the state which has resulted in the prosperity of the farmers. Over 44.40 lakh farmers of the state have downloaded the e-Ganna App where they are getting the benefit of being directly connected to the Uttar Pradesh Sugarcane Department. This has freed the farmers from the presence of middlemen. Apart from this, the farmers are getting aware of all the required information through their mobiles.

Over 81 crore hits on e-Ganna App

The growing use of technology by sugarcane farmers in UP can be gauged from the fact that so far over 81.57 crore hits have been made on the mobile app of the sugarcane department. At the same time, as many as 5.1 crore hits have been made on the website of Smart Sugarcane Farmer (Smart Ganna Kisan). These figures are testimony to the fact that the efforts of the state government have made the farmers of UP tech-savvy.

The Sugarcane department is playing an important role in making arrangements for training sessions for farmers, spreading information about mobile apps through supervisors, and in establishing direct communication between agricultural experts and farmers. Along with this, the department has eliminated the role of middlemen by connecting the farmers with technology, which has increased transparency between the department and the farmers.

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