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For first time, India achieves higher ethanol production from grains

New Delhi: For a first time, grain-based ethanol dominated sugar-based production, especially maize. This drift is prompted by government policy, as it puts a cap on the diversion of sugar for ethanol production, reported Mint.

The media report citing official sources stated that contributions to grain-based ethanol come close to 51% of overall ethanol production during the current ethanol supply year from November 2023 to October 2024.

Up to June 9, the country’s cumulative ethanol production touched 357.12 crore litres. Of this, 175.74 crore litres were from sugar-based sources: sugarcane juice/ sugarcane juice, B-heavy molasses and C-heavy molasses; another 181.38 crore litres from grains. It comprises damaged foodgrains, surplus rice from the Food Corporation of India and maize. Maize was a big contributor at 110.82 crore litres alone.

In the previous year, ethanol production stood at 1,350 crore litre with grains contributing 37.4 per cent or 505 crore litres, the media report further added.


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