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Amroha: Sugarcane department team inspects sugarcane survey work

Mandi Dhanaura (Amroha, UP): A team from the Sugarcane Department, led by DCO Manoj Kumar, visited the Dhanaura Mandi area to inspect the sugarcane survey work, reported Live Hindustan.

Farmers were also provided with information on how to protect their crops from diseases and pests.

The team on Friday re-checked the plots surveyed in Mohammadpur Loharra and Nekpur in the Wave Sugar Mill Mandi Dhanaura. The survey area was found to be correct. The farmers present were also informed about how to prevent diseases like top borer, early shoot borer and red rot in their crops.

In the sugarcane field of farmer Anuj Kumar, a tractor-mounted power sprayer available from the Farm Machinery Bank of the Sugarcane Committee Mandi Dhanaura was used to spray chlorpyrifos and sulfur for pest and disease control. This machine will be available to farmers for rent. The farmers were encouraged to use the agricultural implements available in the Farm Machinery Bank.

During the visit, Senior Cane Development Inspector Hari Mohan, Sugar Mill Cane Manager Virendra Singh, Cane Development Inspector MK Verma, Government Cane Supervisor Rashid Alam and others were present.

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