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Kolhapur Has A New Popular Sugarcane Drink Called Doodhras

Kolhapur has recently seen a surge in popularity for a distinctive beverage that has been garnering attention among locals and visitors alike. This delightful beverage is a fusion of creamy milk and sweet sugarcane juice, known as doodhras.

Kolhapur boasts a distinctive culinary tradition that beckons food enthusiasts from all corners of India. The Kolhapuri Tambda rassa and Pandhra rassa, two iconic curries with their rich red and white hues, respectively, are must-try delicacies for any discerning palate.

Despite the fact that its one-of-a-kind dishes are continuously the subject of conversation among gourmands. There is a one-of-a-kind beverage that is steadily gaining traction as a result of its distinct flavour. This delightful beverage is a fusion of creamy milk and sweet sugarcane juice. Doodhras, a refreshing summer beverage, boasts a distinct flavour profile that has captivated the palates of individuals spanning all generations.

Shivaji Peth, which is located in Kolhapur, is home to a renowned store that offers sugarcane juice and thandai. Since 1983, Laxman Range has been operating out of this location to offer sugarcane juice. Vijay, his son, today owns and operates the business. Laxman Range, a wrestler in the past, came up with the idea for special badam thandais catered for wrestlers and other locals of Kolhapur. This Thandai was met with an upbeat and enthusiastic response from the locals of Kolhapur. And now Doodhras is the brand-new beverage that he has now made available to everyone. Doodhras satisfies the gustatory preferences of all persons, regardless of age.

Due to the fact that wrestlers are unable to consume an excessive amount of sugarcane juice, they were given a drink called doodhras that was blended with milk. This drink gained a reputation as the drink of wrestlers. Vijay made it possible for individuals from all walks of life in Kolhapur to purchase this beverage. Sugarcane juice and fresh milk are the only ingredients in doodhras; anything else would be misleading. It is produced by combining sugarcane juice and milk in an equal proportion, with no other ingredients being added at any point in the process. After the drink has been prepared, the appropriate amount of ice is added according to the individual’s request.

Doodhras, when consumed on a consistent basis, can assist the body become less fatigued while also contributing to increased weight growth, according to Range.

Benefits of Sugarcane 

Sugarcane boasts a plethora of health benefits that are worth noting. It has a high energy density, thanks to its abundance of naturally occurring sugars. Vital nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron can be found in abundance in sugarcane. Sugarcane juice is renowned for its exceptional hydrating properties and is highly regarded for its ability to facilitate the detoxification process within the body. This ingredient is known to enhance liver function, promote optimal digestion, and bolster the body’s immune system. Moreover, it boasts potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes, thereby enhancing one’s overall health and wellness.

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