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Maharashtra’s Sugar Industry Targets Rs 2.5 Lakh Crore Turnover, Aims for Global Dominance

Pune, 27th May 2023: The sugar industry in Maharashtra has witnessed a remarkable annual turnover of Rs 1 lakh 8 thousand crores this year, with projections indicating that it could reach a staggering Rs 2.5 lakh crores in the next three years. State Sugar Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad expressed optimism, envisioning Maharashtra’s potential to become a global leader in the sugar industry.

Gaikwad, who is retiring on May 31, was felicitated by the West Indian Sugar Mills Association (WISMA) during a ceremony held yesterday to honor his achievements. Delivering a speech on the “Future of Maharashtra State Sugar Industry,” Gaikwad highlighted the importance of addressing fundamental challenges and fostering innovation in government practices.

Emphasizing the need to move beyond a bureaucratic approach, Gaikwad encouraged officials to proactively tackle pressing issues and promote innovative solutions. He also urged sugar factories to embrace modern technology, citing the successful implementation of over a hundred innovative initiatives within the industry thus far.

Under Gaikwad’s tenure as Sugar Commissioner, the sugar industry in Maharashtra has experienced a significant turnaround. His decisions and strategic measures have positively impacted the financial health of sugar mills, leading to notable improvements in their balance sheets. Gaikwad’s leadership has propelled the sugar industry into the global spotlight, earning recognition from both the Sakhar Sangh and the elevation of ‘WISMA’ to government court status.

The outgoing president of ‘WISMA,’ B. B. Thombare, commended Gaikwad’s accomplishments and expressed gratitude for his contributions to the industry. Gaikwad’s visionary approach and transformative decisions have set Maharashtra’s sugar industry on a path of growth and prosperity.

As Maharashtra’s sugar industry continues to flourish under Gaikwad’s guidance, it is poised to expand its global presence and strengthen its position as a leading player in the international market. With ambitious projections for the industry’s turnover, Maharashtra aims to solidify its status as a prominent force in the future of the sugar industry.

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