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India Sugar Production: AISTA pegs India’s 2021-22 sugar production at 31.9 million tonnes

Trade body All India Sugar Traders Association (AISTA) has pegged India’s 2021-22 sugar production at 31.9 million tonnes, up by 2.9% over the previous year’s sugar production of 31 million tonnes.

It expects the state of Maharashtra to be top sugar producer with estimated production of 11.5 million tonnes against previous year’s 10.6 million tonnes. The progressive sugar production of Maharashtra according to the state’s sugar commissionerate as on January 27 was 6.83 million tonnes as compared to 5.96 million tonnes on the same day of the previous year, higher by 14.6%. Maharashtra is expected to produce record high sugar in 2021-22 as farmers have increased the area under the crop thanks to good reservoir status.

According to AISTA, the sugar production of Uttar Pradesh is expected to decline from 11.1 million tonnes to 10.5 million tonnes. Karnataka’s sugar production for the ongoing crushing season has been pegged at 4.8 million tonnes against 4.7 million tonnes in the previous year.

“It is estimated that about 3.1 million tonnes of sucrose will get sacrificed in this season due to production of ethanol from B heavy molasses and sugarcane juice. The estimate of 31.9 million tonnes of sugar excludes this diversion. Thus the total sugar production in the season works out to be 35 million tonnes,” said AISTA in a release.

AISTA has estimated sugar exports of 6 million tonnes against previous year’s sugar export of 7.2 million tonnes. “The actual sugar exports will depend upon the domestic sugar prices vis-a-vis the international sugar prices. The consumption of sugar in 2021-22 is expected to increase by 2% from 26.5 million tonnes to 27 million tonnes,” said AISTA.

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