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16-foot-long python found in sugarcane field in India

LAKHIMPUR KHERI: A giant python measuring about 16-foot in length was found in a sugarcane field in India’s Mirchiya village after being spotted by a sound heard by farmers working in their fields.

Farmers in Mirchiya village discovered the giant python in the sugarcane field while working in their fields after hearing its sound when it was in the process of devouring a stray dog.

The forest officials have been informed by the locals regarding the discovery while many gathered at the spot to take selfies with the reptile.

A team of the forest department reached the spot after three hours of struggle and rescued the python. According to Indian media reports, the team secured the python in a sack and took it to the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

Earlier in June, an incredible video of a rare python had gone viral on the social media platforms which showed a Rainbow Reticulated Python in a box. The video had been posted on Instagram by Jay Brewer, Founder of the Reptile Zoo in California.

“He is literally living life reflecting art,” Brewer said in the video. The zookeeper is known for posting various reptiles on his Instagram pages.

Reticulated pythons are non-poisonous reptiles but they can kill a human just by coiling themselves around the said person.

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