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All you need to know about different types of brown sugar and its health benefits

Light brown sugar: Molasses is sometimes simply mixed in with conventional white sugar, and roughly 3% of the sugar in the light brown kind is made up of molasses by weight.

Natural brown sugar: It’s formed when there’s still some molasses in the mixture after the sugar crystallises. This sugar has a sweet, slightly caramelised flavour and is a stronger component than regular white sugar.

Dark brown sugar: The dark brown type, on the other hand, has roughly 6% molasses by weight, giving it a little richer flavour.

Turbinado: Turbinado, has a honey flavour and is popular in tea.

Demerara: Brown sugar is typically created from sugar cane, and once the juice is drained and boiled, raw crystals of a light brown colour are left behind. The brown sugar is then dried in a centrifuge, leaving behind a faint molasses flavour.

Muscovado: This is the darkest variety and the most flavorful, owing to the long drying process, which is often done in bright sunlight.

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