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Thefts increase at defunct Mysore sugar factory

Mandya: Thieves are brazenly stealing valuable things from defunct Mysore Sugar Factory (Mysugar) premises here. The lone State government- owned sugar factory was closed in the year 2019 following increased losses year after year. Earlier the government pumped Rs 20 crores to revive it but even after that factory slipped in to red and the government is planning to lease it to private companies.

The factory situated in Sugar town , which has more than 400 quarters of employees ,marriage hall, school club house , post office co-operative society and other. After the factory stopped crushing of sugarcane government gave VRS to more than 300 employees. Now nearly 30 employees who retired already are staying in quarters, utilising the quarters unauthorisedly.

The thieves are stealing steel , iron items from factory and selling it to scrap as steel rate has increased now. Though factory has Estate Officer and guards, theft is going on unabatedly. A retired employee told that the theft is going on with involvement of former employees staying in quarters.

There are 400 coconut trees in factory premises but not even a single rupee income has reached the factory. When contacted Mysugar president Shivalingegowda told The Hans India that a police complaint has been given for theft and they arrested four persons. He said factory has planned to appoint 10 more security guards for better protection. He also said steps will be taken to evict the former employees from factory quarters.

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