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Sugarcane production in Maharashtra to go up by over 200 lakh tonnes

On Tuesday, July 6, the President of the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories (NFCSF) Jayprakash Dandegavkar stated that the sugarcane production in Maharashtra is likely to go up by at least 237 lakh tonnes this year.

Moreover, the sugar factories in the state may have to work additionally for half a month in order to crush the produce. According to reports, the estimation was based on water availability. In addition, amidst the monsoon predictions this year, the production is expected to go up in Marathwada and western Maharashtra.

“Last year, 100 cooperative and 92 private sugar factories in Maharashtra had crushed 1,012 lakh tonnes. The availability of water in various dams and in the ground will aid in the growth of sugarcane cultivation across the state. This year, we are expecting that factories may have to crush around 1,250 lakh tonnes of sugarcane,” Dandegavkar told PTI.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the state government has imposed strict restrictions, which has led to the closure of public transport by the railway administration. However, the number of passengers on Central and Western Railway routes has gone up to 35 lakhs even after the ban on local travel.

Therefore, the process of obtaining the document mandatory for local train travel — the QR code-based ‘Universal Travel Pass’ — has been kickstarted.

The Maharashtra government has gone live with, thereby enabling access to companies and organisations. Over the last couple of days, some people have already availed of this travel pass.

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