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NFCSF, NCDC working jointly on scheme to supply sugarcane harvesters

Pune: In a bid to tackle issues with sugarcane cutters and expedite harvesting, the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited (NFCSF) and the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) are working jointly on a scheme to supply sugarcane harvesters for scientific cutting and prompt transportation of sugarcane.

Sugar mills and farmers in Maharashtra, a major sugar producer, have been grappling with problems related to sugarcane cutters. These include delays in harvesting, rising labour costs, and others, leading to lower prices for farmers.

“This collaboration between NFCSF and NCDC aims to equip mills with harvesters based on their crushing capacity,” said NFCSF President Harshwardhan Patil. “This will ensure timely and scientific sugarcane cutting, improving efficiency for both mills and farmers.”

The move towards mechanical harvesting is not entirely new. Sugar mills in Maharashtra have already begun using harvesters brought in from other states over the past two seasons.

With the crushing season approaching, the collaboration between NFCSF and NCDC could signal a significant shift towards mechanized sugarcane harvesting in India. This approach has the potential to streamline the process, reduce reliance on often-unpredictable manual labour, and improve overall efficiency within the sugar industry.

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