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CII AGRO TECH INDIA To BE CALLED CII KRISHI BHARAT 16th edition to be held in Lucknow in November

Lucknow, 7 May 2024: The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), today announced that the 16th edition of India’s premier Agri & Food Technology Fair, CII Agro Tech India, rebranded as Krishi Bharat, will be organized from 15 – 18 November 2024 in Lucknow.

CII Krishi Bharat has witnessed 15 successful editions in Chandigarh, uniting farmers and agri-tech stakeholders from neighbouring regions. This year, aiming to reach an even broader audience in the farming and agri-sector, CII shifts its focus to Uttar Pradesh.

Thanking the Government of Uttar Pradesh for partnering with CII Krishi Bharat, Mr Madhav Singhania, Chairman, CII Northern Region & Deputy Managing Director & CEO, JK Cement Ltd shared, “At CII, our focus has always been to resolve policy issues in consultation with the government and policymakers; upgrading the technology quotient in agriculture, imparting specific skill sets to the farming community and long-term sustainability of the agriculture eco system. CII Krishi Bharat is one such endeavour of CII.”

Sharing details about the mega event, Mr Tarun Sawhney, Chairman, CII Krishi Bharat 2024 & Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd, said, “CII Agro Tech India, now Krishi Bharat, is a flagship event by CII that stands as a celebrated international showcase of India’s agricultural prowess. This event will bring together the finest innovations and advancements in agriculture, food, and livestock sectors and facilitate knowledge exchange that will enhance capabilities through global exposure.”

Through this initiative, CII seeks to further elevate the country’s agricultural sector, ensuring sustainable growth and prosperity for its farmers and stakeholders. This would be the 16th edition of India’s international agri show, being hosted in Lucknow, added Mr Sawhney.

In a detailed presentation, Mr Sawhney shared that the exhibition will be spread over 20,000 sqm and there will be 250+ exhibitors, both national & internation. More than 1 lakh farmers from over 10 states are expected to visit the fair which would also comprise Kisan Goshthees and international conferences. There will also be 6 concurrent shows including Good Earth, Food Tech, Farm Tech & Implementex, Dairy Expo, and Farm Services.

Ms Smita Agarwal, Chairperson, CII Uttar Pradesh and CFO & Director, PTC Industries Ltd expressed enthusiasm about hosting the 16th edition in Lucknow, emphasizing the city’s growing agricultural significance, government support policies, and networking opportunities. “I am confident that this year’s edition will play a significant role in developing a common platform for the farmer community to engage with not only the Indian industry but also explore international opportunities to explore emerging technologies and farming practices,” she said.

Offering an avenue for B2B growth, the 4-day event aims to organize 10+ conferences with 6000+ business visitors, participating in several B2B meetings. CII Krishi Bharat 2024 is expected to have 27 international exhibitors from more than 10 countries this year. The exhibition will present an exclusive display of farm equipment, new technologies, along with participation from international delegation from countries like Germany, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, and many more.

Previous editions of the event were attended by union ministers, government officials, farmers, academics, and other stakeholders. The 2024 edition is expected to welcome 100+ experts from the government, participating in 2500+ B2B & B2G meetings.

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