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Transforming Energy: NSI Kanpur’s Vision for Sustainable Hydrogen Production

Seminar Highlights at NSI Kanpur: A Step Towards Green Energy Future with Hydrogen

The National Sugar Institute (NSI) in Kanpur organized a significant seminar titled “Plan and Integration of Resources for Bioenergy” at its training center, the Sugar Auditorium.

This seminar, held in collaboration with the National Sugar Institute, Kanpur, the Asian Association of Sugar Cane Technologists of Lucknow, and Spray Engineering Devices Limited of Chandigarh, brought together key stakeholders from India’s leading sugar-producing states, including executives, chief officers, senior managers, and officials from Chinese mills and distilleries.The seminar commenced with a ceremonial lighting and offering to Goddess Saraswati by the institute’s director, Professor D. Swain, and other dignitaries present on the stage. Key industry figures shared insights and perspectives during the opening session, emphasizing the critical role of hydrogen as a green energy source for the future.

Professor D. Swain highlighted the challenges in meeting the targeted 20% ethanol blend in petrol by 2025 solely through feedstock and grain utilization from the sugar industry. He stressed the need to focus on ethanol production from non-food feedstocks to ensure a sustainable supply, which not only saves from food versus fuel conflicts but also enhances production efficiency.

Moreover, he advocated for prioritizing raw sugar production over refined sugar, citing its health benefits and cost-effectiveness in the production process. He emphasized the need for the sugar industry to balance supply and demand, emerge as a center for bio-based products and green technologies.

Mr. PKN Singh, President of the Association, underscored the relevance and importance of the seminar’s theme in the current scenario, highlighting the potential of hydrogen as a green fuel from the sugar industry, a major hub for clean, green, and innovative energy production.

Dr. Seema Paroha, Head of the Department of Biochemistry, emphasized the commercial viability of technologies such as bio-gas production from filter cakes, which could significantly enhance revenue for bioenergy and sugar factories.

Mr. Vivek Verma, President and Managing Director of Spray Engineering Devices Limited, discussed the possibilities of utilizing MVAR technologies to replace boilers with ethanol, fertilizers, biodegradable polymers, organic chemicals, and implementing MVAR technologies in sugarcane and grain-based distilleries as boiler replacements.

The seminar also included seven research papers related to energy efficiency in Indian sugar industries, the latest developments and opportunities in Chinese industries, the capacity of the sugar industry to produce green hydrogen, supply chains, and process parameter optimization for natural crystalline sugar, and sustainable bio-based economy, among others.

Participants from various fields such as engineering, agriculture, research, and management contributed to the discussions, enriching the seminar’s outcomes and paving the way for future collaborations and innovations in the bioenergy sector. The program concluded with closing remarks from Assistant Professor of Sugar Engineering, Anup Kumar Kanaujiya, expressing gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions.

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