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13 sugar factories get notices to clear dues

Belagavi: Deputy commissioner Nitesh Patil has issued notices to 13 sugar factories in Belagavi district, directing them to prioritise clearing the arrears owed to sugarcane growers. The issuance of these notices follows complaints from sugarcane growers, signalling a proactive approach by the administration to address the grievances of the

agricultural community.

Thirteen factories owe a total of Rs 508.4 crore to farmers.The 28 sugar factories in the Belagavi district are the largest sugar producing centres in the state. Most of them

are owned by politicians. Apart from individual factories, the cooperative sector factories are also managed by leading politicians.
The candidates approaching voters in the LS election are now facing an embarrassment as the factories owned and managed by their families have dues to the

tune of hundreds of crore rupees. Prakash, a sugarcane grower in the Chikkodi LS segment, said only a few sugar factories make timely payments. Many factories keep dues every year

Huge dues

A total of Rs 508.5 crore is to be paid to sugarcane growers ..

by 13 factories in Belagavi district for sugarcane supply. Chikodi LS Congress candidate Priyanka Jarkiholi’s family own two sugar factories, namely Belagavi Sugars Pvt Ltd, Hudali

and Satish Sugars Pvt Ltd, Gokak. These two sugar factories are yet to pay Rs 105.8 crore to the growers. Belagavi LS Congress candidate Mrinal Hebbalkar’s family, which owns

Harsha Sugars Pvt Ltd in Savadatti, is yet to pay Rs 2.2 crore to farmers.
Apart from these, the pending dues of other factories are as follows: Hiranyakeshi cooperative sugar factory in Hukkeri is yet to pay Rs 100.3 crore, Ugar Sugars Ltd of Athani

Rs 99 crore, Athani Sugars of Athani – Rs 67.8 crore, Sangam Cooperative Sugar Factory of Hukkeri – Rs 32.3 crore, Malaprabha Cooperative Sugar Factory of MK Hubli – Rs 23.5

crore, Siddasamudra Someshwar Cooperative Sugar Factory of Bailhongal – Rs 20 crore, Krishna Cooperative Sugar Factory  of Athani- Rs 19.8 crore, Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Ltd. of Hukkeri- Rs 19 crore, Shiraguppi Sugar Works Ltd of Khanapur Road – Rs 12. 2 crore and Markandeya Cooperative Sugar Factory in Kakati of Belagavi is yet to pay Rs 6.3 crore.

Action if not paid
DC Nitesh Patil said that out of the 28 sugar factories, 15 have already paid the full amount to the growers and 13 factories . are yet to pay. The sugar director and the sugarcane

of supply of sugarcane, for the subsequent period, an interest at the rate of 15% to the pending bill amount has to be paid to the growers. In case of delay in paying the

bills, it will be recommended to the government to take action.

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