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Karnataka’s Sugar Industry Contributes Hefty Revenue, Minister Reveals Rs 25k Cr. state has earned from sugar industry

The sugar minister reminded them of a time when the country had to import sugar, but today, sugarcane is a major crop that has contributed to the country’s economy.

In a recent ceremony organized by the S Nijalingappa Sugar Institute in Belagavi, Sugar Minister Shivanand Patil expressed optimism about the continuous prosperity of the sugar industry in India. Patil revealed that the state government is reaping significant revenue, ranging from Rs 25,000-35,000 crore, from the sugar sector. During the event, where awards were presented to distinguished sugar factories, Patil underscored the sector’s pivotal role in the global scientific revolution and highlighted the substantial job opportunities it provides to a large number of people.

While congratulating the awardees, including Sameerwadi Godavari Sugar Factory of Bagalkot and Halasiddanath Sugar Factory of Nipani, for their technical discipline, Patil urged sugar factories to prioritize the broader interests of farmers in the state. He reminisced about a time when India had to import sugar, emphasizing how sugarcane has now become a major crop contributing significantly to the country’s economy. Karnataka, he noted, currently ranks second in sugarcane cultivation and is poised to secure the top spot.

Patil asserted that sugarcane remains a crop that yields better dividends for farmers, encouraging them to explore modern scientific agricultural technologies alongside traditional techniques to enhance yield. The minister awarded Shivashakti Sugars, Krishna Sugars of Sankanatti, and Renuka Sugars of Munavalli in the North-West region. In the North-East region, KPR Sugars of Kalaburagi and Mahatma Gandhi SSKN Sugars of Kalaburagi secured the first and second prizes, respectively. The awards ceremony celebrated the technical excellence of these sugar factories and acknowledged their significant contributions to the sector.

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