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Haryana will take decisions in the interest of sugarcane farmers, assures Agriculture Minister

Haryana Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Minister, Mr. J.P. Dalal said that the Haryana government is a farmer-friendly government, and this time as well, decisions in favour of sugarcane farmers will be taken.

Certainly, the government will increase the prices of sugarcane. A decision will be made in the coming days after the approval of Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal said the Minister while interacting with media persons after chairing the meeting of the Sugarcane Control Board here today.

Mr. J.P. Dalal said that sugarcane prices have always been the highest in the country in Haryana. Only once Punjab have given increased rates higher than us. However, the situation of payment to sugarcane farmers in Punjab is not favourable, although, the Haryana government has made a payment of Rs. 2819 crores to sugarcane farmers during the 2022-23 crushing season.

There has been an increase in sugarcane crushing and recovery this year compared to the previous year

The Minister informed that during the meeting in detail, discussions were held regarding future plans, including the situation of sugarcane farmers and mills, sugar prices, and an assessment of the previous year. He said that during the sugarcane crushing season of 2021-22, sugar mills crushed 754.50 lakh quintals of sugarcane, and the recovery of sugar was 9.47 percent. Whereas, this time there has been an increase in sugarcane crushing and recovery compared to the previous year. In the sugarcane crushing season of 2022-23, various sugar mills crushed 770.73 lakh quintals of sugarcane, with a sugar recovery of 9.70 percent. An estimated 962 lakh quintals of sugarcane production are anticipated in the year 2023-24.

He further shared that during the 2022-23 crushing season, sugarcane farmers were paid Rs. 2819 crores by various sugar mills in the state (excluding Naraingarh Sugar Mill). However, the state government provided a subsidy of approximately Rs.194 crores to sugar mills so that farmers do not incur losses.

Attention will be given to seed development to promote the new variety of sugarcane- 15023

Mr. JP Dalal said that the new sugarcane variety-15023 has been developed, which is better than the current variety-238. Therefore, department officers have been directed to prepare seeds of this variety. For this purpose, the government will procure sugarcane from farmers who have cultivated the new variety and provide it to other farmers for seed preparation. Both farmers will also be given an incentive amount, he shared.

He said that directions have been given to speed up the establishment of ethanol plants in mills as an option to increase the income of sugar mills. Three techniques for extracting ethanol are available, and officers have been directed to study all three techniques so that mills can commercially benefit. There are already ethanol plants running in private mills, and their capacity has been increased, said Mr. J.P Dalal.

Burning of paddy straw is occurring 4-5 times more in Punjab than in Haryana

When asked about the incidents of burning paddy straw in Haryana being held responsible for pollution by the Delhi government, Mr. J.P Dalal said that incidents of burning paddy straw in Haryana are not only fewer but there are 4-5 times more incidents happening in Punjab. This fact has also been revealed by NASA’s satellite images. If we talk about pollution, the smoke from Punjab goes to Delhi, being 4-5 times more than in Haryana. Attention should be paid to stop incidents of burning paddy straw in neighbouring states, said the Minister.

“Our government in Haryana has done remarkable work in managing paddy straw. Machines are available for farmers to make bales and they are provided subsidies. Therefore, do not defame Haryana’s farmers,” said Mr. J.P Dalal.

No shortage of fertilizer in the state

In response to another question, Mr. J.P. Dalal said that there is no shortage of fertilizer in the state; an adequate amount of fertilizer is available. In the last year, during September-October, 2.23 metric tons of fertilizer were distributed to farmers, whereas this year, 2.46 metric tons have been distributed. There is a current stock of 50,000 metric tons. He said that some people are trying to mislead farmers by giving false statements. However, the reality is that there is no shortage of fertilizer in the state.

Additional Chief Secretary, Cooperation Department, Mr. Sudhir Rajpal, Principal Secretary, Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Department, Mr. Vijayendra Kumar, Managing Director, Haryana State Federation of Cooperative Sugar Mills, Mr. Sanjay Joon, Director, Agriculture,, Mr. Narhari Singh Banger, non-official members of the board and other officers of the department also remained present in the meeting.

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