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Sudheer Rathore- A Progressive Farmer Uses This Technique for Triple Sugarcane Yield

From Left – Right: Krishijagran Reporter Vivek Rai (L) With Farmer Sudheer Rathore (R)

Sometimes Farming can be difficult hence it is essential for people to meet with experts and get their opinions on tips and tricks that they might use which can be beneficial and be used in ones own farm. Hence Krishi Jagran went to the district of Saharanpur of Uttar Pradesh where a Progressive farmer lives by the name of Sudheer Rathore who is an expert in sugarcane farming.

India currently is the 2nd largest producer of sugarcane in the world and has created many value-added products which are a derivative of sugarcane. Currently, sugar cane in Uttar Pradesh has a price of Rs.340 per Quintal. Hence, it can be considered to be a lucrative crop that can be used to earn a lot of income in India.

Sudheer Rathore’s Advice to Sugarcane growers:

Sudheer Rathore’s chief advice to fellow sugar cane farmers was to adopt the methods he used in sugar cane cultivation to increase the rate of production of sugar cane by two or three times.

Sudheer grows a 0238 variety of sugarcane. One of the chiefest methods he utilises is using cuttings from a sugarcane plant to sow more sugarcanes.

Cuttings are the most effective approach to replicate sugarcane because they root quickly and create plants that are identical to the mother plant. As they are faster than seeding and can produce plants that are similar to the mother plant they can even increase the rate of production and also give the same quality of sugar cane as the Mother plant.

Temperatures of 20-30 degrees celsius are ideal for rooting. Cuttings can either be planted directly in the soil or rooted in water. The nodes, which are the dull-coloured rings found on each stem and produced as leaf scars when old leaves fall off, will produce new roots and shoots. Roots usually appear initially, followed by buds that awaken and create new main shoots.

Using this technique, Sudheer Rathore said that he gets about 1200-1400 quintal yield per hectare.

This technique According to Sudheer Rathore is essential for every sugar cane farmer to employ in their fields if they want better produce compared to seeding.

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