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Central Railway Begins Ethanol Loading From Loni Terminal In Pune

Ethanol is green fuel that is being used for blending with Petrol. Loni Terminal of Pune Division became the first terminal to load the ethanol rake on 10th August 2021 in BTPN wagons, which is a new chapter for both Railways and Oil Marketing Companies. The production of ethanol across India is uneven being primarily concentrated in sugar-producing area of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and some other states.

The ethanol is primarily produced from leftovers after extraction from sugarcane. At present ethanol is savior of the sugar industry taking into consideration the excessive production and subdued demand for sugar. The ethanol producing capacity of almost all the sugar factories are small as compared to the total requirement.

The initiatives taken by the Central Railway Pune division and M/s Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, Loni to load first 15 wagons to Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh is a progressive step in right direction.

The likely benefit ethanol, a green fuel:
• Will help in reducing overall carbon emission and thus towards a cleaner environment.
• New opportunity for Railways to become a part of green fuel transportation sector.
• Benefit for the overall developments and emergence of India as a green nation.

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