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Alumni Association of JNU organized National Webinar on Roadmap for “Distillery-Ethanol Industries: Best Practices

Alumni Association of JNU (AAJ), GRC India, Services Export Promotion Council (SEPC), The Policy Times, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI), BRICS Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BRICS-CCI), Fore School Of Management (FORE), All India Distiller Association (AIDA), and JNU Alumni Association Bihar, IAAPC jointly organized National Webinar cum training Program on Roadmap for “DISTILLERY-ETHANOL INDUSTRIES: Best Practices, Environment Clearance(EC) & allied subjects for Self Reliant India (SRI) on 11th July 2021 on Sunday at 4:45 pm.

Hon’ble Industry Minister, Govt. of Bihar Shri. Syed Shahnawaz Hussain was the chief guest of the webinar. He focused on the policy issues that have been made by the state for developing the ethanol industry. He also conveyed the development of Bihar and how the industries are growing in the state.

The moderator of the webinar Dr. Yashpal Singh, Chairman, The Wealthy Waste School & Distillery expert on his opening remarks, highlighted the Distillery-Ethanol Industries in India and how the foreign countries Brazil and Australia are marketing. He said, “The Central Pollution Control Board despite the fact that the rules of the distillery in agriculture are very highly sustainable. They are pressing on concentration which is very un-sustainable technology in terms of water in terms of carbon”.

The welcome address was given by Dr. Rajesh Kumar, President, AAJ, Dr. Dheeraj Kumar Singh, MD, GRC India & Gen. Secretary, AAJ.

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Hon’ble Justice S.K Singh gave a brief on the Indian Distillery industry, global transportation industry and put his focus on the impact of using Ethanol on the environment. The total carbon emission from two-wheelers and four-wheelers is reduced by almost 20% ethanol compared to normal gasoline. He also spoke on the utilization of ventilation timings in cities which is very important in terms of inversion.

Alumni Association of JNU organized National Webinar on Roadmap for “Distillery-Ethanol Industries: Best PracticesShri. Tripurari Sharan, IAS, Chief Secretary, Bihar said, “According to the latest Ethanol policy, Bihar government is providing its best support to the industry. Bihar is working on the Ethanol distillery to make the industry more valuable & accessible in terms of entrepreneurship. Our trust is always with for MSME’s in Bihar.”

Shri. Dipak Kumar Singh, IAS, Principal Secretary, Env. Forest & Climate Change dept. Govt. of Bihar, pointed out important factors related to the environment and briefed on the changes that have been made recently by the government related to the environment. Shri. Abinash Verma, Director General, Indian Sugar Mill Association (ISMA), said, “Sugar industry not only producing sugar but a lot of ethanol. Indian ethanol program is based on 5 pillars and we need to remember that it not only supporting based on the sugar industry. It is going to Sugar industry reduces the suppressed sugar and become more robust and more self-reliant”.

Dr. J.S Sharma, Co-chairman (env), PHDCCI &Member, Expert Appraisal Committee, Industry -2, MoEF & CC, GOI put an overview of the ethanol industry and spoke on the new ethanol policy and brought the key issues that the distilleries industries are facing. Also, he discussed the possible roadmap for ethanol blending in India. lastly, he put forward some best practices that can be adopted. Shri. Bhargav  Mitra, Counselor, Embassy of India, Tashkent summarized the whole webinar and made a way forward by putting some positive light on the best practices and possibilities for distilleries industries.

The other eminent speaker Shri. V.N Raina, DG, All India Distillers Association (AIDA), Dr. C.N Pandey, Visiting prof., IIT Gandhi Nagar, Chairman, EAC – Industry – 1, MoEF & CC, GOI, Dr. Sujit Kr. Bajpayee, Joint Secretary, MoEF & CC, GOI, Dr. J.S Kamyotra, Ex-MS CPCB, Member EAC Industry -1, Shri. Kunal Kishore, CA, Patna, Dr. SK Goyal, Senior Scientist, NEERI, Paritosh C Tyagi Former Chairman Central Pollution Control Board were also present at the webinar.

At the end of the discussion, Dr. Yashpal Singh made some valuable points. He said, “The choice of technology should be left to the industry to practice so long as the standards as prescribed by the board are met. Second is the emerged out of NGT orders etc should not be imposed across the board. It has to be on a case-to-case basis. thirdly, we have to analyze the ventilation period of the city. One of the main issues is compensation and penalties. The pollution control act or the environment protection act doesn’t empower the MoEF to impose any penalty”.

Finally, the webinar came to and with the vote of thanks by the Central convenor of the webinar Dr. Maheep. Mr. Akram Hoque was also one of the convenors of the webinar.


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Alumni Association of JNU organized National Webinar on Roadmap for “Distillery-Ethanol Industries: Best Practices


Hon’ble Industry Minister, Govt. of Bihar Shri. Syed Shahnawaz Hussain was the chief guest of the webinar.


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