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UP Govt announces hike in sugarcane purchase price by Rs 25 per quintal

UP CM Yogi Adityanath addressing the Kisan Sammelan in Lucknow on Sunday. (Photo/ANI)

Ahead of Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday announced an increase in the minimum support price of sugarcane by Rs 25 per quintal and said that this will provide 8 per cent additional income to the farmers.

Addressing the general public at ‘Kisan Sammelan’ held in Lucknow today, Adityanath said, “Till now, the sugarcane for which Rs 325 per quintal was paid in the state. Now the government will pay Rs 350 per quintal. Not only this, the payment of normal sugarcane, which used to be Rs 315 per quintal, will also increase by Rs 25.”

“This will provide 8 per cent additional income to farmers…We have also intensified the process of withdrawing cases lodged against farmers,” Adityanath said in Lucknow.

Slamming the opposition parties in the state, Adityanath said, “The governments of SP and BSP parties had done the work of ruining the livelihood of sugarcane farmers by selling sugar mills. Today, our government is working to bring a change in the lives of sugarcane farmers by running old sugar mills and establishing new sugar mills.”

“21 sugar mills were shut down during BSP’s regime and 11 were closed during the rule of the Samajwadi Party. When we (BJP) came to power, we restarted the closed mill and brought a positive change in the lives of sugarcane farmers,” he added.

The rule from 2004 to 2014 was a ‘dark age’ for Uttar Pradesh and the entire country, he said and added that “After taking over the reins of the country in the year 2014, respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji has worked in the interest of farmers with full commitment.”

Lauding the farmers in the state, he said, “The basis of a life cycle is food and the basis of food is the farmer. Whether it is day or night, summers or winters, farmers produce grains with their hardwork and efforts. Hearty congratulations to all the farmer brothers.”

Adityanath slammed the opposition parties in the state and also blamed them for supporting the rioters in the “2013 Muzaffarnagar riots”.

He said, “Several farmers and their children lost their precious lives in the Muzaffarnagar riots. Back then, the then government was respecting the rioters. Today, such rioters know that there cannot be riots under our government, because the rioters know that if they riot, then their seven generations will have to pay a heavy price.”

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister was referring to the clashes that took place between the Hindu and Muslim communities in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, in August-September 2013, resulting in the deaths of several innocent lives. (ANI)

The above news was originally posted on sg.news.yahoo.com

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