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Punjab National Bank, Assam Bio Refinery enter into pact to produce bio-ethanol

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa attended a MoU signing ceremony where in Punjab National Bank entered into an agreement with Assam Bio Refinery for producing bio-ethanol at Srimanta Sankardev International Convention Centre.

Speaking on the occasion, Sarma while terming the occasion as a good beginning, said that the MoU will encourage and empower the famers to cultivate bamboos which in turn will help in producing green energy. He said that Government of Assam is working wholeheartedly to maximise the use of green fuel thus reducing contributing factors of environmental pollution. Referring to State government’s Ethanol Production Promotion Policy, Sarma said that the government is always on the look out to icrease production of bio-ethanol.

Thanking the Punjab National Bank for its initiative in giving loans to the famers to encourage production of bio-ethanol, Chief Minister said that the move would be a giant step towards empowering the farmers and entrepreneurs associated with bamboo cultivation.

He also requested the Punjab National Bank to participate with the government in expediting the pace of development in the state, as the government is always with the bank to help its different ventures.

Sarma also presented loan sanction letters to a few farmers as a part of the bank’s mega credit camp.

The above news was originally posted on economictimes.indiatimes.com

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