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Mandya: Govt’s move to shift sugarcane research centre angers farmers

The State government-owned Mandya Sugar factory (Mysugar) has stopped production for many years. Though farmers have been pressuring the government to reopen it, the government is dillydallying after facing bitter experience in putting it on road to profit though it has spent crores of rupees.

Now, the government is planning to shift the Mandya Sugarcane Research Centre and Bengaluru-headquartered commissioner’s office to Belagavi.

The move has stirred resentment among sugar growers in Mandya district. The sugarcane research centre established 15 years ago has introduced more than 15 new varieties of sugarcane. Besides this, it has immensely benefited rural research students.

The Mandya Raitha Hitarakshana Samithi is launching an agitation on Monday demanding that the government drop the shifting idea.

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