Webinar On "Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Sugar Industry" Was Organized Jointly By NSI, Kanpur and Shreeji Group

NSI Director Prof. Narendra Mohan advised a two "I" formula to revive the sugar industry with INNOVATE and IMPLEMENT

Souce: NSI, Kanpur| Edited by : Sugar Times | 30 Apr, 2020 | 5:12 PM

Prof. Narendra Mohan, Director, NSI-Kanpur
Mr. Sachin Agarwal, VP, Shrijee Group

Addressing to the participants in the webinar, the Director of National Sugar Institute, Prof. Narendra Mohan said that as a result of this global pandemic large scale lockdown, the industry has faced a lot of pressures.

Sugar prices and exports due to global disaster have decreased. Ethanol is a value added product produced by sugar mills,which has been an important source of revenue for the sugar mills.

But, due to the reduction in oil prices and lockdown and because of the no movement of vehicles, prices have come down drastically, consequently crude and petrol demand has come down internationally, which has also adversely affected ethanol demand. It has been said that the ethanol demand will take some time to regain its place.

As far as sugar is concerned; this will again depend on the balance of demand and supply. In the last crushing season closing stock was 145.8 MT, 265 lakh tons produced in the current crushing season, 250 million tons domestic consumption, 115.8 lakh tonnes of sugar at the end of September 2020, assuming an estimated export of 40 lakh tonnes the closing stock is possible.


Talking about various short term and long term measures, Prof. Mohan has emphasised on two different production of sugar of different quality for a general consumer and for an industrial consumption respectively.

As, 60 percent of the total sugar is used in the industrial sector and 40 percent is done by general consumers. Therefore, for two types of sugar consumption dual variety can be developed.

Pro. Mohan advised to pack more quantity for consumers and has strongly recommended that such sugar production should include both weight and be produced with good care of hygiene. He also said that there will be a change in consumption behaviour in the coming future as consumers will be more aware about the hygiene of the product in the wake of coronavirus like crisis.

Emphasized the production of nutritious sugar and other value-added products. In this link, Prof. Mohan advised that bottled packing of sugarcane juice and fortified sugar and low GI Sugar, liquid and other special types of sugars can be produced by the sugar mills, which will prove to be financially viable at the present time.


Since Thailand which is a major exporting country for the sugar; we can see that there is a less production of sugar this year; and also demand of 600 IU of sugar in Indonesia creates a possibilities of good export opportunity for the sugar industry.

As far as ethanol is concerned, Prof. Mohan called upon the sugar industry that in petrol there is a need to increase the blending volume of ethanol from 10 percent to 12-12.5 percent.

For this, the sugar industry should work with the automobile industry by working with a suggested strategy.

He added to adopt the most appropriate distillery model he advised that during crushing session according to the capability sugar syrup be used and in off season molasses should be used.

He said that other value added items like surfactants, nano materials and low calorie sweeteners can be produced by the sugar industry.

Sugar industry which has already marked presence in dietary fiber and fortified sugar; has created its space in nutraceutical sector and currently, with the production of sanitizers in line with the high demand at the present time, has been a key industry taken a big part in the healthcare field.

Pro. Mohan said that two “I” – Innovate and Implement is the key to success at this crucial time.

Simbhaoli Sugar aims to up power generation capacity to 115mwh ...Dr. G.Sc. Rao, Chairman, Global Cane sugar Services has suggested to sugar mills to transform traditional agriculture complexes, in such manner that according to the demand of sugar; different  varieties can be produced.

Working Group on Uttar PradeshMr. R.L. Tamak, Executive Director, D.C.M. Shriram Sugars Ltd. has advised sugar industry to produce sugarcane with special care on less water consumption during the complete life cycle of production until its final crushing.

shrijeeMr.Sachin Aggarwal, Vice President, Shreeji Engineering Works, thanked the participation of more than 250 participants in the webinar who were from various leading sugar producing states of the country.

psmMr. P.S. Mishra, Managing Editor, Sugar Times magazine wish to express his gratitude to NSI Director and Shrijee Group for conducting the seminar and said that such event and interaction with experts in sugar industry is helpful for the sugar fraternity at this challenging time of the ongoing pandemic corona crisis.

3 thoughts on “Webinar On “Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Sugar Industry” Was Organized Jointly By NSI, Kanpur and Shreeji Group”

  1. I have my views in this covid 19 pandemic situation for sugar industry
    Sugar industry in association with govt of india should make plan to allow more blending of ethanol in automobile sector in stead of 10% limit to 15% does not matter how low the crude oil price is,the pricing of ethanol should not be compared with international crude price.Now time has come india should reduce its its dependency on import.India is self sufficient in its need for food we should utilise extra agriculture produce for the production of combustion fluid may be ethanol or any other similar product.NSI kanpur specially has a big roll to play for new innovations and technique.

  2. Innovative efforts by organising a webnar on major Sugar industry of world.
    We look forward to produce more quantity of Ethanol and higher % of admixture to petrol .
    There is scope for producing citric acid.
    And many other derivatives.
    Export of Sugar from 20 IC to 600 IC is
    another serious area with exclusive Authority to organise it.
    Gr. V.P.

  3. P. Sitaramarao

    Congratulations to NSI and Shrijee team,,, Request NSI team to arrange webnair s regularly @two per month and communicate to sugar factories in advance… Please send last webnair GIST to kcpengineering@gmail.com.
    Thanking you all

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