NSI developed Sugar Refinery Unit inside Institute to Impart Refining Experience among its Students

Refinery 1Kanpur: National Sugar Institute (Kanpur) has developed sugar refining unit inside its institute to impart the learning experience of sugar refining process among its student and research scholars. 

The unit has a capacity to produce 10 tons of sugar per day and it costed Rs. 258 lakh to the institute within a timeframe of 4 months. Establishment of this unit is made with extensive study of research models worldwide and in due consultation with eminent personalities in the field of sugar processing.The institute has felt a need of such equipment for long time of such setup and has been successful to achieve it.

As with the excessive supply of sugar; more than its demand in domestics market; there’s a lot talk going on to emphasize export of sugar. And in this state, when there’s demand of raw and refined sugar in the global market it is of utter importance to educate students with the required skills and technique; so to produce them well for the growth of sugar industry in the coming future.

Director, National Sugar Institute (Kanpur) Prof. Narendra Mohan applause the setup of sugar refinery unit in the institute and said that in the institute the students are not only going to be trained but also be enlighten the individuals of sugar industry for producing raw, plantation white, refined and other varieties of sugar. The sugar refining unit has been made in such a manner than it can work with ion exchange ragin as well as with carbon membrane filter. He also said that it will prove to be a cutting edge for comprehensive study experience in the institute.

Adding to it, Asst. Prof SK Dwivedi said that keeping in mind Food Security Standard the equipment is made up of anti-rust steel. And, two unit brine recovery arrangement in this unit is also provisioned.