NSI Developed New Technology for Producing Jagerry (Gur) as Immunity Booster

NSI Kanpur has developed a technology to produce jaggery consisting mixed ingredient with ginger, cinnamon, celery, turmeric to help boost immunity alongwith the sweetness. Prof Narendra Mohan said hat with Vacuum Boiling in place of tradition processes, jaggery can be produced in large scale

Source: NSI Release | 25 June, 2020 | 03:50 PM

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Kanpur, June 25 : Jaggery popularly known for a healthy sweetner is also used as a best alternative for a sugar. It is also known for its best medicinal value is composed of best vitamins and minerals and being a ayurvedic medicine helps in clean blood and to treat infection as an age-dependent drug. Some of the additional consumption is also done in maths and confectionary products.

If the data is to believed India is a largest jaggery production country country which produces around 70% of the world’s jaggery whereas consumption of jaggery stands to 4kg per person each year; while the most commonly consumed jaggery in the world is in Colombia, where consumption stands to 10kg per person each year.

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The fact is that Jaggery contains nutritive elements such as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and other different types of vitamin and protein, in addition to the sugar which is of great benefit to health and diet.

In common production process, a good quality production is done in conventional conditions in a clean environment, which affects its quality therefore consumer suppress his desires even when he wants to use it.

At the time of COVID-19 pandemic  when consumer is self conscious about the immunity boosters and opting for ayurvedic medicines; the demand has soared high.

Looking at consumer behavioral trends, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur, has called the sugar industry to produce such  jaggery which has nutritional values and is mixed with ingredients such as ginger, cinnamon, celery, turmeric. Also looking at the accessibility of this, the jaggery can be made in the form of bar, liquid or powder. Mixing this type of minerals in jaggery can be used to increase immunity booster along with the use of it as a sweetner.

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Director of the Institute, Prof. Narendra Mohan said with Vacuum Boiling in place of tradition processes, jaggery can be produced in large scale. Within the process, instead of use of chemicals, the herbal use has been encouraged. Also for thickening the sugarcane juice; special attention is made for the use of evaporator and concentrator, automation and packaging is well taken care of. So, the quality of jaggery being released is good and it remain safe in the market for a long time.


Hence, with this process “non-chemical molasses with a hygiene process with a safety booster” is obtained from the current process. The production of jaggery of this type is based on the technical advice given by the institute and is made available in the consumer market.

Director of National Sugar Institute, Kanpur, Prof. Narendra Mohan further added that for the manufacturing of jaggery with different medicinal properties; State Sugar Federation of Punjab and Haryana have also seek request letter towards manufacturing of the herbal jaggery in the units.

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