UP Govt. clears Rs 418 crore cane dues; paid Rs 1 lakh Cr. in last 3 years: CM Yogi Adityanath

Stating that his government is constantly working to double the income of farmers, he said it has been the government’s commitment to pay every penny of the sugarcane farmers. During the corona pandemic challenge; UP Govt has not only paid arrears highest but also recorded highest sugarcane producing.

By: Sugar Times |20 June, 2020 | 12:21 PM

collage2LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh government on Friday transferred Rs 418 crore to the accounts of cane farmers, clearing over Rs 1 lakh crore dues in three years to set the record of highest payment of arrears by any government. Over 47 lakh sugarcane farmers in Uttar Pradesh have been paid a record cane price payment of Rs 1,00,325 crore crore between 2017-2020.

Addressing cane farmers after the transfer of funds, chief minister Yogi Adityanath announced while making DBT transfer of Rs 418 crore directly to farmers accounts.

“This cane price payment of more than Rs 1,00,000 crore paid to the cane farmers in the last three years since the BJP government came to power, is Rs 46,633 crore more than the combined cane price payment of Rs 53,367 crore paid in the the previous 3 years of 2014-17,” he said.

The CM said addressing a video conference organised by the department of sugar industry and cane development said there were three sugar mills in Gorakhpur and all of them were closed under previous governments, but after coming to power his government set up a new sugar mill in Pipraich. The CM said not only record payments were made but record production of sugarcane and sugar was also registered.

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Around 25,000-40,000 sugarcane farmers are associated with each mill and each mill employs 8,000-10,000 people. Stating that his government is constantly working to double the income of farmers, he said it has been the government’s commitment to pay every penny of the sugarcane farmers.

“The last three years and three months have been a golden period in the history of Uttar Pradesh’s sugar industry when such a huge amount is being paid directly to the farmer’s account through DBT. No previous government has paid this much amount even during its 5-year tenure”, he said.

“During lockdown, UP government successfully operated 119 sugar mills. We had taken the pledge that sugar mills would operate as long as a single sugarcane is there in the farmers’ field. We have fulfilled the resolution. All units of khandsari were also operational during lockdown,” the CM said.

 “Even during the corona pandemic, when all the industries were facing closure, the sugar mills of the state continued crushing operations. It was the commitment of government for safeguarding the interest of farmers, that the supply of their sugarcane remains uninterrupted during the lockdown period. Though the sugar sale remained negligible during the lockdown, but in spite of that, cane price payment of Rs 5,953 crore was made to farmers in this period,” he claimed.

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Giving details, he said that in the current crushing season of 2019-20, the sugar mills of the state crushed 1,116 lakh tonne of sugarcane and produced 126.5 lakh tonne of sugar. The cane crushing and sugar production is the highest recorded in the history of state,” the chief minister added.

With distilleries closed for the production of alcohol during lockdown, many of them started production of hand sanitizers. The CM said in the first week of March, there was a sudden shortage of sanitizers and a 100ml bottle started selling for Rs 400-500.

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“Sugarcane farmers decided to manufacture sanitizer. UP currently has sanitizer manufacturing capacity of 5 lakh litres daily. The production is so high that not only did the government distribute free sanitizer to all government departments but also managed to sell it to 28 other states and export it too,” Yogi said